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Tom Garrett

Tom featured in the center with his Cannes colleagues.

Tom Garrett is a producer of independent feature films and a founding partner of Circa Films, a sales and distribution company engaged in production and international distribution of independent feature films. Over the past twenty years Tom has been credited as a producer on fourteen feature films. He has intimate knowledge of the legal and financial issues that are involved in feature film production, having produced, directed and delivered films to the international marketplace. He has also served as a consultant on production issues, budgets, financing, guilds and unions, and legal affairs on projects ranging from low-budget independents to studio-level pictures.


Tom’s films have screened at many prestigious film festivals worldwide, including Berlin, Cannes, Florence, Rotterdam and Toronto. For the past two decades he has played an active role with Circa Films at the Cannes Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival, MIFED (Milan International Film Fair of Exhibitors and Distributors) and AFM-American Film Market.


With an M.F.A. from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film program, Tom has worked as a Line Producer, Unit Production Manager and Executive Producer for a number of noted Directors, including Academy Award winner, Jean Charles Tachella (“Cousin Cousine”, “Seven Sundays”), and Alex Cox (“Sid & Nancy”, “Repo Man”). He has also worked with such well-known producers as Daniel Tuscan du Plantier and Art Linson. Tom has been a part of numerous international co-production films. He has worked with many of the film industry’s noted personalities including many distinguished cinematographers such as Mario Garcia Joya (“Strawberry & Chocolate”),Carlo Varini (“Subway”) and Jan Debont (“Die Hard”, “Hunt for Red October”, “Black Rain”) and respectable actors as Rod Steiger , Gary Oldman and Thierry L’hermitte.


Tom is credited with producing and directing the 1980’s movie, “Death Collector”, aka “Tin Star Void”. It has been called a “cult classic” by both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. This movie has also been called, “The greatest Sci-Fi / Action Adventure / Western no one has seen, heard or celebrated,” by Cult Movie Magazine, Vol. # 40, 2005.


In addition to his feature film career, Tom has worked as a producer for such prominent advertising agencies and public relations firms as Chiat-Day/Mojo, JWT, BBD&O and with such clients as Chanel, Reebok, TAG-Heuer, Publix and Calvin Klien. His clients have also included Def Jam and Sony Records where he produced music videos for the likes of Run DMC and U2.


Tom and his wife, Lee Morse, own Best West Productions, a production service company which has brought many feature films to the west coast of Florida. Among them, such notables as “Great Expectations” (Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert DeNiro) and “Palmetto” (Woody Harrelson, Elisabeth Shue and Gina Gershon).


In the summer of 2007, Tom attended a Directors Masters Class taught by Martin Scorcese at the Cannes Film Festival, and a Producers Intensive Workshop at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Institute. He has taught film production at NYU, MCC-Manatee Community College and currently teaches film production at University of Tampa. Tom resides in Sarasota, Florida.