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ARB Projects

ARB is pleased to offer quality projects for film, television, stage, and print. We strive to bring inspiring and uplifting stories to life through our media productions. Through our stewardship, it is our hope that we can help make the world a better place. Please browse our projects below. Click the “more info” links to find project details, download treatments, and more.


“Canario” – An Animated Film Classic For All Ages

A Screenplay Submission For A Full-Length Animated Feature Film.

Comprehensive business plan for Canario available upon request. 
Please contact Mr. McDavitt @ 202-341-0111 or by email.

Everyone has a dream …
Few have the courage to live it.
Canario is a voyage of …
self-discovery, self-acceptance … and finding your voice.

Canario lived in the large city of Seville, Spain… a place of bright balcony gardens and singing birds. He loves to sit in his cage in the pet shop and watch the other birds as they fly in and out of the cathedral across the way. Sometimes he closes his eyes and stretches his wings pretending to fly, only to find when he opens them, he is still in his cage … unable to fly and, to the quiet disappointment of the pet shop owner … unable to sing.

“Bear, Bray & Brumble” – 26 TV scripts that cater to the pre-school market

Life lessons are priceless … They can inspire, motivate and direct the course of a child’s future … Bear, Bray & Brumble offers 26 life lessons with universal messages of … responsibility, healthy living, sharing, compassion, acceptance and love. “How we go?” is often the result of “How we grow?” Bear, Bray & Brumble takes this philosophy to heart in a gentle, loving and compassionate way.

These 26 television scripts educate and interact with pre-schoolers through a series of enchanting and entertaining stories. Each is infused with educational components, such as mathematics, science, music and art. Life messages, including the value of good nutrition, hygiene and adequate sleep are also highlighted.

“Americas Most Pampered Pets” – TV Reality Show Pilot

A Television Pilot & Reality Show Submission for a Broadcast or
Cable Network.

“America’s Most Pampered Pets” (AMPP) was the first intellectual property established under the ARB creative banner that was created and produced by Michael McDavitt and Arlene Borromeo. Hosted by Tony Zanelotti, an Emmy award-winner & Director of “America’s Most Wanted” on FOX Television, the new television pilot is all about America’s obsession with pampering their pets.

From couturier fashions and birthday celebrations to therapy sessions, Americans are opening their wallets and hearts to their pets. As a $3 billion dollar industry and counting, AMPP will attract millions of viewers of all ages, as well as top advertisers who will see the show’s value and extreme appeal in the marketplace.


Other Television & Video Productions

In addition to ARB’s television property, “America’s Most Pampered Pets”, Michael McDavitt & Arlene Borromeo of ARB have been commissioned by outside sources to successfully develop and produce television pilots as new show considerations for broadcast and cable networks; as well as video news releases (VNR’s) for companies to utilize as multi-purpose marketing and pr collaterals. Below are highlights of recent pilot trailers and VNR’s that can be downloaded upon request:



“Fashion Cents” with Chris March

A 24-MinuteTelevision Pilot & Reality Show Submission for a Broadcast or
Cable Network

Host: Chris March
Fashion CentsWriters & Producers: Michael McDavitt & Arlene Borromeo
Director & Executive Producer: Mark Maxey
Creator: Michelle Wirth

Concept & Initiative:

A new reality-based television program hosted by fashionista, Chris March, a finalist and favorite on Bravo’s “Project Runway” with Heidi Klum. The show is “makeover magic at its best” as the host and style posse travel the country surprising makeover candidates at their home and giving their closet wardrobes (and self-confidence) a new lift – all for under $500. The
project is currently up for sale and distribution. For further information,
please contact Mark Maxey by email at maxeymedia@gmail.com.

“The Champion” with Bo Derek

 A Television Pilot & Reality Show Submission for a Broadcast or
Cable Network

The ChampionHost: Bo Derek
Executive Producer: Richard Detore
Writer, Producer & Director: Michael McDavitt

Concept & Initiative:

Michael McDavitt of ARB was commissioned by Richard Detore to write, produce and direct a new television pilot entitled “The Champion.” The reality-based show takes a “rare insider’s look” into the day-to-day lives and interactions of top young equestrians all living together and competing at an equestrian farm to win the title of “The Champion.” As a lover of horses, Mr. McDavitt secured model and actress, Bo Derek, to host the new show. In the trailer, Ms. Derek offers a preview of “The Champion” and all the show entails. The project is still under development and, for initial inquiries, please contact Mr. Detore at: rdetore@cox.net.

VNR for “The Grooming Lounge”

A Video News Release (VNR) as Multi-Purpose Marketing & PR Collateral

The Grooming LoungeWriter & Producer: Michael McDavitt

Director: Tony Zanelotti

Concept & Initiative:

The team at The Grooming Lounge turned to Michael McDavitt of ARB to create and produce a compelling video news release (VNR) that could serve as a multi-purpose marketing and pr collateral. As a premiere, full-service men’s grooming destination — with haircuts, shoe shines, manicures, pedicures and more — Mr. McDavitt was challenged to produce a 5-minute video that would change the perception of most men and the benefits of good grooming from head to toe. The VNR infuses humor as it does educational tips on how to look your best!