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Our Mission

ARB is a production and multi-media house that was founded by Arlene Rita Borromeo in March 2005, and is headquartered in Washington, DC. Within a span of 5 years, the company has built a solid foundation by establishing top industry alliances and completing an original and saleable portfolio of book, television and film projects. All of its properties are multi-layered with media and merchandising applications, yielding multiple sources of revenue potential.


In addition, ARB is offering a menu of communication services, including the development and execution of public relations campaigns; and the production of video news releases (VNR’s), television commercials and television pilots for network and cable submissions.


The company has remained steadfast and committed to its mission of successfully creating, branding, co-branding and marketing its intellectual properties for domestic and international sales and distribution in publishing, television and film. Under the skilled artistic vision and direction of Ms. Borromeo, and her creative partner, Michael McDavitt, each of the projects offers a unique and cohesive thread of storytelling by undercutting “sex and violence” as a primary element, and by promoting messages of inspiration, hope and good will. These guiding principles have set a high precedence for writing and producing quality children’s and family-oriented entertainment that will resonate with all ages and walks of life.


With a majority of its intellectual properties developed and industry alliances established, the company is proud to be making its debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2012, and the Cannes Film Festival & Marche du Film, May 17-27, 2012, to market and promote its most active intellectual properties, “Canario” and “Bear, Bray & Brumble.”