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Fashion Cents


“Fashion Cents” with Chris March


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Television Treatment & Submission for Network Syndication

Produced by: Arlene Borromeo, Michael McDavitt & Michelle Wirth.
Created by: Michelle Wirth

HOW MANY TIMES … Have you said, “I don’t have anything to wear?”

HOW MANY TIMES … Have you spent hours trying on everything you own without finding the perfect look?

HOW MANY TIMES … Have you worn the same outfit over and over?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all shop on Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue to our heart’s content?
Sure it would! But inevitably that would take its toll on your mind and wallet.
The average family income is $50,000. Americans top off the work chart, spending more time on the job than any other industrialized country in the world. And still, over 84 million Americans are in debt. A stylish yet affordable wardrobe can seem unattainable.

BUT THERE’S HOPE. Fashion Cents is a new one-hour show bringing a reality check to reality television. When it comes to dressing and playing the part all it takes is your existing staples, a little creative styling, and just a few dollars to make it all happen.

And no one knows style better than fashionista, Chris March, finalist on Bravo’s “Project Runway.” As one of the rising up-and-comers, Chris knows a thing or two about fashion working with giants like Madonna and Cirque de Soleil. As host of Fashion Cents, he brings his magic by delivering amazing fashion makeovers for under $500.

Each week he’ll surprise you as he travels the country choosing a new makeover candidate, giving their wardrobes — and their sense of confidence — a needed lift. Our intent is to make the most of your hard-earned dollars as Chris transforms your image from “drab into fab!” By show and tell, he’ll mix and match, pitch and trash, and do a little shopping to make your existing wardrobe all come together! And to top it all off, he’ll bring along his favorite hair and makeup experts to add their finishing touches.

Fashion Cents is a “Quick Fix To That Wardrobe Glitch.” It’s easy, it’s simple and it won’t bleed your pocket! It’s makeover magic at its best! Created by Michelle Wirth and in association with ARB Productions, Inc., this new lifestyle, reality-based show has all the makings of a big hit. With “tie-ins” to a top discount retailer and A-list cosmetic vendors, it has the potential for wide demographic appeal to audiences ages 18 to 60.