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Canario© – An Animated Film Classic For All Ages

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A Screenplay Submission For A Full-Length Animated Feature Film.

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Everyone has a dream …

Few have the courage to live it.

Canario is a voyage of …

self-discovery, self-acceptance … and finding your voice.

Canario lived in the large city of Seville, Spain… a place of bright balcony gardens and singing birds. He loves to sit in his cage in the pet shop and watch the other birds as they fly in and out of the cathedral across the way. Sometimes he closes his eyes and stretches his wings pretending to fly, only to find when he opens them, he is still in his cage … unable to fly and, to the quiet disappointment of the pet shop owner … unable to sing.

Each day he watches as his nest mates get sold. One night he overhears a conversation between his parents acknowledging the fact that he probably will never sing. Dejected, he finds his way to freedom through an open cage door. Canario is finally free to spread his wings and explore the unknown. Along the way, he encounters many kinds of birds, animals and a very special companion … “Worm.” Although he is plagued by self-doubt, the love and acceptance of a special few offer him the hope to persist through his many trials.

They help him to realize that each individual has a special talent just ready to be expressed … that each one of us has a place in the world. Based on a screenplay by Arlene Borromeo and Michael McDavitt of ARB Productions, Inc., in conjunction with Matthew Arnold of Circle of Confusion Management in LA, this enchanting story uses humor and adventure to convey the messages of self-acceptance, self-discovery and … finding your voice.