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Bear, Bray & Brumble


Bear, Bray & Brumble©

Twenty six completed television scripts that cater to the pre-school market and have been edited by Ms. Borromeo and Mr. McDavitt. The scripts can be easily adapted into a children’s book series, and Mr. McDavitt and Ms. Borromeo have already developed one of the scripts into a book prototype entitled, “No Two Are Alike” (*see pdf of book prototype), with beautiful illustrations by Ms. Borromeo. The project also has tremendous merchandising and media spin-offs, which can yield various streams of revenue potential.

Life lessons are priceless …

They can inspire, motivate and direct the course of a child’s future …

Bear, Bray & Brumble offers 26 life lessons with universal messages of … responsibility, healthy living, sharing, compassion, acceptance and love.

“How we go?” is often the result of “How we grow?” Bear, Bray & Brumble takes this philosophy to heart in a gentle, loving and compassionate way. These 26 television scripts educate and interact with pre-schoolers through a series of enchanting and entertaining stories. Each is infused with educational components, such as mathematics, science, music and art. Life messages, including the value of good nutrition, hygiene and adequate sleep are also highlighted.

One script features the importance of never talking to strangers, while another discusses families and experiences when divorce occurs. All Bear, Bray & Brumble scripts are multi-dimensional in that there is a theme brought about through good values and positive choices.

The last script, entitled “The Greatest Gift” is set around a holiday gift-giving theme. Its underlying message is that “the greatest gift of all is  love – love of others, self-love and self-respect.” Bear, Bray & Brumble is easily adaptable into a children’s book series or full-length animated feature film. It is a heartwarming addition to any pre-school library. Designed in sequence, they are easily adaptable to film or television.

ARB has developed a merchandising and media prospectus for “Bear, Bray & Brumble”, which is available upon request. For further information, please contact Mr. McDavitt @ 202-341-0111 or by email

Download the BB&B overview

Download BB&B book prototype