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America’s Most Pampered Pets


“America’s Most Pampered Pets”


A Television Pilot & Reality Show Submission for a Broadcast or Cable Network

Creators, Writers & Producers: Michael McDavitt & Arlene Borromeo
Director & Host: Tony Zanelotti

Concept & Initiative:

“America’s Most Pampered Pets” (AMPP) was the first intellectual property established under the ARB creative banner that was created and produced by Michael McDavitt and Arlene Borromeo. Hosted by Tony Zanelotti, an Emmy award-winner & Director of “America’s Most Wanted” on FOX Television, the new television pilot is all about America’s obsession with pampering their pets. From couturier fashions and birthday celebrations to therapy sessions, Americans are opening their wallets and hearts to their pets. As a $3 billion dollar industry and counting, AMPP will attract millions of viewers of all ages, as well as top advertisers who will see the show’s value and extreme appeal in the marketplace.

ARB has produced a 24-minute pilot up for sale and distribution featuring some of “the best in the business” when it comes to pet pampering. All shared their enthusiasm of the new show concept and desire to be considered as new show contributors. The trailer will offer a “sneak preview” of a typical show format and line-up for AMPP. A copy of the 24-minute pilot and treatment are also available upon request. Please use our Access Request Form to receive a link and password for this protected material. For further inquiries, please contact Mr. McDavitt at 202-341-0111 or by email.